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Years of Experience

Born On The Farm

With their roots on the farm, Gay Lea Foods has grown to become a leading Canadian co-operative, dedicated to innovation, the development of high-quality products and growing the market for Canadian milk. 100% Canadian-owned, with members on roughly 1,400 dairy farms in Ontario and Manitoba, and more than 4,100 producer and investor shareholders. 

Your Passport To A Global Food Experience

Jan K. Overweel Limited (JKO) is transforming the food industry with its ‘One-Stop Shopping Experience’ offering a wide variety of food sourced and produced not just locally but throughout the globe using the same principles that were established over 60 years ago. Bringing top quality products and best-in-class service through a commitment to maintain and grow the global network of partners, producers, distributors and retailers in the food industry.

At JKO all distinctive products are chosen for their quality ingredients and delicious flavours and they have been sourced from areas throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the U.S. and Canada.

Excellence In Products And Service Since 1993

Since 1993, Sonora Foods has been focused on creating unique products that capture the true taste of Southwest cuisine.
They are indisputable choice for fast-casual restaurants.

Reliable quality | Reliable supply | Better business.

Committed To Quality Since 1976

Country Meat Packing Ltd. offers a large variety of Bacon, Beef, Ham and Liver fine deli products for restaurants & grocery stores.

With natural smoke and using only the finest ingredients, Country Meat Packing Ltd. pride itself on a quality product to suit every need in the retail and foodservice trade.

Flavourful Culinary Solutions

Rose Hill Foods was founded in 1983 by Mr. George Sarbanis and a team of dedicated professionals that placed a strong emphasis on developing and maintaining relationships while providing high-quality products and culinary solutions as part of their core values.

Located in Montreal, Canada in a modern and HACCP certified 45,000 sq. foot building, Rose Hill develops, manufactures and supplies the foodservice industry with quality soups, sauces, seasonings, and along with its Original 86 division, offers a wide range of premium grade, high-end products such as stock bases, liquid sauces, marinades and glazes.

Moments of Delight

Drawing on years of experience and the constant desire to innovate, Bindi is always developing creative and functional solutions to better meet the needs of the international foodservice community. Quality is the priority; from the selection of the best raw materials – to following the strictest production methods – Bindi's entire team of professionals is focused on quality.

Bindi, Italian leader of desserts, is the ideal partner for food service professionals offering the largest range of menu solutions available.

Where Cheese Making Is An Art

International Cheese has been manufacturing fine artisanal cheese since 1963. They are a family-owned and operated company priding itself in producing artisanal cheeses, utilizing only the freshest ingredients and 100% Canadian milk. At their factory in Toronto, products such as Ricotta, Bocconcini, and Fior Di Latte, among many others are produced fresh daily.

Farmer Owned

Whichever Arla dairy product is your favourite, you can be sure that it comes from a farmer-owned dairy company and that it is carefully handled by the dedicated team at Arla which is passionate about bringing milk's natural goodness to you and your family.

Arla's philosophy of producing natural, healthy and high-quality dairy products dates back to the 1880s when dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden joined forces with one common goal: to produce and provide the best dairy products. Because they are farmer-owned, all of the earnings go back to the farmer-owners. That’s a key part of Arla's cooperative philosophy.

A Family Tradition Dedicated to Community & Quality

For more than 74 years, Comeau’s Sea Foods Limited has been a mainstay in the Canadian seafood industry, with a reputation for consistent, superior seafood products while being recognized as innovators of great tasting quality seafood obtained in an environmentally responsible manner.

Comeau's modernized production facility is designed to transform seafood into value-added "store-ready" packaged products that are certified to meet strict retail and food-service requirements. The line of retail seafood products includes but is not limited to Comeau's Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, Evangeline Breaded Scallops and Cold-Smoked Atlantic Salmon. All those products are available for purchase in grocery stores across Atlantic Canada.

From Vine to Can in Under 6 Hours

Since 1942, Stanislaus maintained an unwavering commitment to quality, in the belief that quality products attract quality customers.

Stanislaus's ultra-premium Tomatoes best demonstrate their absolute dedication to perfecting vine-fresh flavour and can-after-can consistency! And their premium ready-to-use sauces deliver identical vine-fresh, palate-pleasing flavour and consistency across time: can-after-can, year after year.

The Professionals' Bakery

For 35 years, Bridor creates and manufactures high quality European bakery products adapted to the North American market.

From French baguettes to tasty Nordic loaves, from butter croissants to red bean filled Japanese croissants, from Indian chapati to Brazilian pão de queijo, Bridor is inspired to create exceptional products through the extraordinary expertise of bakers and chefs from around the globe.

Bridor's breads and pastries are delicious and authentic, always staying true to their origins.

A marriage of traditional and state-of-the-art

Incorporated in 2003, Atlantic Beef Products is a state-of-the-art beef processing facility that marries old-world farming traditions with leading-edge processing resulting in a superior product thanks to a wholesome supply of responsibly raised cattle.

With a shared objective of a strong local beef industry, Atlantic Beef Products is the culmination of the vision, dedication and cooperation of key people and groups – cattle farmers, the beef industry, federal and provincial governments — all working together towards a growing contribution to the Atlantic Canada economy.

Simplify Seafood To Inspire Every Chef

Originating as a supplier of dry goods in South Africa in 1899, Toppits was established in Canada in 1976 as an importer and supplier of frozen foods to the Canadian foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries, specializing in fish and seafood.

Inspired by Italy, Made in Canada

Proudly 100% Canadian-owned and operated, Italpasta has grown to be the premiere pasta manufacturers in Canada.

Italpasta is made with 100% Canadian wheat recognized all over the world as the highest quality.

Bringing The Goodness of Canada's Farms

From the fields to your table, Cavendish Farms deliver the best products from the best people using the best processes. Cavendish Farms® is the 4th largest processor of frozen potato products in North America.

Sensual Fruit Ices
& Ice Creams

In Italy, Gelato literally means frozen, however, it has come to mean "frozen pleasure". From fruit-laden sorbets to intense low-fat dairy ices, gelato is a pleasure.

Real People With A Real Passion For Quality

The Neil Jones Food Company was born in a time of innovation and continues its drive toward progress with each new generation. Striving for new, sustainable ways to offer the highest quality fresh-packed products.

Leaders In Global Food Trading Since 1937

From a local, family-owned retail operation, to an international food trading company, Export Packers has a long history of manufacturing & trading expertise.

Passionate About Food. Dedicated To Quality.

Sardo loves providing Canadian families with authentic European delicacies, especially world-renowned olive products. They have introduced the North American market to the diverse and explosive flavours of Mediterranean olives, giving them a true taste of the Italian delicacy.

Bring The World’s Food To Your Table

Serving premium imported products across North America's foodservice networks, Mantab prides itself on offering variety, superior quality, and competitive pricing.
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